Wxpython mac no appropriate 64-bit architecture

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Python varables - checking existance, and call by name or by value? Python Properties - how and why. Identity in Python. The Mouth. Python and Tcl - public course schedule [here] Private courses on your site - see [here] Please ask about maintenance training for Perl, PHP, Lua, etc. Previous and next or Horse's mouth home. Let me know if you agree, and I will change the other issues as well.

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Cheers Michael Am I don't know why that is failing. I don't think the GUI has been tested on a Mac before.

Michael, have you debugged the GUI on a Mac? I would need a system and hence future publication though as an excuse to implement this and advance the GUI to the next level.

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CopyFromBitmap wx. Bitmap paths. Also, every button seemed to work fine, except that the page loaded from the "About" button on the Model-free section was half empty Any idea further idea? Sorry for all these problems with Mac The first argument is a wx object static text and adding it to the grid sizer should be fine.

This must be a problem with wx. You could try to remove that entire loop with the failing code, and see if the GUI can launch, or whether this problem is more widespread.

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Add self. Simply double click to mount the image and then run the installer application in the image. Be sure to download the image that matches the version of Python that you want to use it with.

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  • Wxpython mac no appropriate 64-bit architecture.
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Since they use the Carbon API they are limited to running in bit mode. If you would like to have both the Carbon and Cocoa versions installed you will need to do something like install the Carbon build for Python 2. Apple didn't bother making Carbon available in both modes, since it is being deprecated , which would explain why WxPython, in turn, could only be provided in bit mode. This, in turn, means that using it in Python requires you to launch Python in bit mode Python is a universal binary with both bit and bit versions of itself available in the same binary file, so it can be launched in either mode.

Alternative Option I don't recommend doing this, because I think you should leave the defaults as they are, but since you might not have enough shell scripting knowledge you need to use ". So, if you have any other questions, you should definitely read the man page as the error message has urged you to do. Visitor Dynamics.