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It works for me. Thank you, yes I did so this morning and it works but this still should not be happening at all. Hopefully it will get sorted out soon. No improvement at all. I can confirm that Was in touch with Renault support. They confirmed the problem to be on iOS side. We need to wait for a bugfix from Apple. For now switching of syncing is a workaround that is stable enough to be used. Same problem with IPhone XS I also am having the same issue since updating IOS, Bluetooth connects and disconnects constantly unless I turn updating contacts off. Same problem with iOS I have R-link2 on a Scenic IV.

Thank you.

Hi all. I was only aware of this issue yesterday as my iPhone 7 updated from iSO So because of this has anybody contacted apple support direct yet to hear their take on this situation with the Bluetooth dropping in and out when contacts sync is switched on in the Bluetooth icon field. I have today and I am waiting for them to contact me, direct, as apple support are unaware of the issue between iSO I think all vendors with more or less the same problem will contact apple trough their developers to address the issue.

Very quickly, I will confirm apple have just contacted me and have given me a procedure to follow to assist in rectifying the problem. I will attempt to follow the procedures and come back with the outcome. I promise, either way, I will inform all so fingers crossed. Once deleted they asked me to rename my phone in system settings of my iPhone 7.

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With this I had to then go to the car and go through the stages as if I was setting up a connection for the first time between the iPhone 7 and the R-Link system. As was the case originally, this was very simple and all my contacts loaded up straight away into the hands-free system. The apple assistant remained on the phone with me whilst I carried out his requests and when the connection was made I began to talk to the assistant through the hands free R-Link speaker system of the car. At this stage I was absolutely over the moon as the connection did not drop out and I was able to move between speakers and the phone itself by turning off the Bluetooth connection in the phone.

This lasted for about 20 minutes with no problems talking and disconnecting phone from R-Link syatem. Once our conversation was complete I closed the call and I thought I would start trying the hands-free steering wheel buttons to try the voice prompts to call family members. Again this worked perfectly with no issue and they too called me back on the phone to test the connection.

This too worked fine. Then the original issue started again, as when I started the engine to drive home the start up connection failed between the iphone and R-Link system by tripping in and out continually and no contacts loaded. As is what happening to everyone else as soon as the connection was made the device began to slip out between the iPhone and the R-Link system so back to square one. I will attempt to contact my apple contact in the morning and state the issue remains and like everyone else I believe the issue is the update of iOS Sorry all but at least I tried and it worked whilst the engine was turned off.

Really gutted I updated my phone on Saturday night. This was my plan as I had already informed them of where I got information from as it was all new to me yesterday and many on here have had issues for over a week. Thanks for your reply and I will sound off to the Apple assistant in the morning.

One question I have thought of is have you or do you know of anyone who has in the past week updated their R-Link system as I for one have not carried out an update for over a year as all was working fine. It is the latest software available.

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It was before iOS 13 came out. So, I believe, it is definitely not the R-Link system as I read in the Apple Forum a lot of other stories concerning different devices.

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It seems to be a iOS 13 problem. This problem was recently highlighted on Twitter, with many Apple Watch owners sharing images of their Apple Watch with popped-out screens but complaints about this issue date back to at least September It seems that the issue stems from the battery.

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As the battery ages, it swells, taking up more room in the Apple Watch s tiny innards, and forcing the screen out. Oddly enough, having the screen hanging out doesn t seem to bother the watch much, and there are videos of it continuing to work. I have today been contacted by a Apple engineer, who was an American guy called Devon, and we spoke at length for over an hour. Devon fully understands the situation and was prepared to assist in many ways that I fully appreciated. I made him aware of this forum and he was able to read all the accounts left here along with other sites where other people were having issues.

He later called me back to ask if the issue was still the same once I had driven the vehicle which I personally thought was very respectful of him. Now this is where we are and you will not be surprised to know we are still in the same position and he is personally on the case and agreed he would call me back next week when I return from holiday.

The Contacts Synchronised button was switched on on the iPhone.

The contacts from my phone loaded up as normal onto the system with no issue. All the time the Bluetooth stayed connected. Devon the requested that I turn the engine off and close everything down and disconnect the Bluetooth and turn it off on my phone. After a few minutes he then required me to turn on the phones Bluetooth leaving the contacts synced switch on and start the engine up.

The Bluetooth connection then started to drop in and out as everyone else are experiencing showing the issue is still there. Now the next step was to go through the same procedures explained above in STAGE 1 with the engine turned off and the all contacts were synced to the R-Link system again with no issues. He then requested I turn off the Bluetooth connection from phone to system and not to start the engine and come away from the vehicle and lock the doors. I then turned on my Bluetooth switch on the iPhone away from my vehicle but made sure the synchronised contacts switch was turned OFF and left off.

I then went to the car and opened it up and started the engine straight away and the Bluetooth connected to the system was made and the usual message come up stating the hands free and audio steaming had been made. The Bluetooth connection did not drop out at all and because all the contacts from my phone and R-Link system were already in place I was able to make a number of call from the hands free on my steering wheel via the speech request button and again I had no issues.

Please remember at this point the Synced Contacts button on the iPhone was switched off and was to remain that way. The Bluetooth connection did not drop out and we agreed I would monitor the Bluetooth connection for the next week. I have today driven miles and the Bluetooth connection remained connected between phone and R-Link system and I made a number of calls from the hands free steering wheel through voice control, again with no issues.

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Tomtom start 20 connexion mac

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