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X-Plane and FlightGear are easily the most realistic but also the most complex. X-Plane also allows you to enhance the flight experience with far more realism thanks to accessories like cockpit joysticks, rudder control and flight switches.

If you have any questions, problems or suggestions about any of the flight sims featured here, let us know in the comments below. Great article…thanks for it. However I have questions! Back in the nineties I was a falcon 3. I know things have changed over the years, but what would you say is the best combat flight simulator for Mac?

Is this a genre anymore? Thanks in advance!

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Close this module Subscribe to MacHow2! For more advance settings and customization, download the software from our website. Customization Software is Part of the Package. While the Yoke and Quadrant have 25 buttons and switch positions, you may want to fine-tune and customize your controls.

Online Flight Simulator with Worldwide Satellite Images

For programming capability, download the drivers and software to start customizing. The Yoke features a three-position switch, so you can cycle through three complete profiles, with ease and speed, for a total number of 75 user-definable controls. Rugged Fastening Hardware Included. Logitech G Flight Yoke and Throttle Quadrant are both equipped with adaptable mounting clamps which provide the freedom to configure your kit in any manner you see fit.


Whether on top of your desk or clamped to the front, you can securely place the controls exactly where you want them. Part of a Complete System. For countless interchangeable configurations, Logitech G Flight Yoke System is built to integrate with the complete line of flight simulation products.


All simulation panels can be situated one on top of another or side-by-side. Easy-to-use mounting brackets give you control of your flight simulation setup, including sturdy table mount brackets for a secure yoke and quadrant. Simulate the Actual Aircraft with This Kit. Polimeni New York, NY. First off, before you buy this, just download the demo at xplane. That will serve better than any review.

Best 12222 Flight Simulator Games for PC & Mac (With Demos)

Pros: After playing through the demo, I felt this was a good sim and also fun! There are a lot of inaccurate reviews out there just FYI-- alot of Nice stand and a good product for the price. Sturdy, the rubber rings on the 2 horizontal feet work great on my hard wood floors. Little to no sliding. The unit came with the back horizontal leg on up-side-down so the Allen nuts scratched my floor. I gave this a 4 because no real effort was made on packaging and assembly instructions.

They point you to a video where you watch a person assemble the unit with now sound. My issue was that the screws were not clearly identified.

It took me to weeks to realize I had the throttle screws mounting my yoke, so I could not mount my throttle quadrant. The screws should have come in 3 different packages with a small label in each set.

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One for mounting the crossbars that hold the ruder, one for the bars that attach the cross bars onto the yoke stand, X-Plane Only 1 left in stock - order soon. It contains Nine 9 disks. I put this version on an older computer while waiting for a new PC.

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  • I had to turn the settings way down to keep the frame rate from freezing up. The scenery is bad with no reference to any known landscape or buildings in an area. On the plus side of X-Plane11, the aircraft are very easy to fly and they handle well, much better than FXW aircraft. This is why I gave it a 4 star rating. A better computer will make this program a five star product. X-Plane11 has a FAA approved version also. Stu After I loaded X-Plane 11 in a new computer, the program came alive.

    Outstanding flight simulator. Highly recommend X-Plane X-Plane Regional:North America This is a 5 star program if you are serious about flying because the computer modeling is very close to how the real planes fly.