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Did I mention that Google Photos actually always syncs in the background? Custom keyboards are reliable, whereas on iOS they still crash randomly. Google is just hands down better at search, including things that you would imagine Siri would be good at by now, like dictation. I think everyone already agrees with this point, so moving on. Apple has generally been a fast-follow copier, perfecting features that have already been released.

For example, Samsung devices have had wireless charging for a while now and Apple is just catching up with the same feature set. The charging speed is the same. Samsung is also experimenting with fascinating things like VR and DeX.

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Are they perfect? And the list goes on. Musings Rand musings. Tweet This. I have the original Moto X from and it still runs buttery smooth.

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The cascading incompetence at Apple support was mind-blowing. LastPass auto-fill.

This felt like a game changer when I switched, shaving a ton of time setting up my phone. NFC for two-factor auth. You can use a Yubikey on an iPhone but it requires a dongle like everything else these days. SD card slot. I ran out of space on my previous iPhone and had no way to deal with it other than buying a new phone or delete apps. Trusted locations for unlocking. The notifications are better.

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Interactions are great, they actually work, and the overall design is better. Also the rubber is somewhat sticky, and you can feel the lid sticking a bit when opening it after a while. A small chunk of rubber is also missing a bit aggressive attempt to clean it. I am quite baffled as the machine is only a little more than 4 years old, but the rubber feels like it is from an old PowerBook or so. Possibly defect in manufacturing rubber not cured or vulcanised properly? I now got new rubber surround, but I now have some doubts replacing it, as I do not want to cause more harm than good.

Some said that I should go to an Apple store and perhaps I might be lucky and they would change the display for free, as they do it with the delaminating LCDs? Also this LCD has very noticeable image persistence.. Anyone did that? I had the screen on my MacBook Pro replaced for free since the anti-glare coating was coming off. It's worth a try! Otherwise, you'll have to carefully take off the whole LCD to replace the rubber seal.

The most common gripe with earphones, not just Apple earphones, is that they drop out far too easily. It makes sense, as mass-produced earphones are not shaped especially for our own individual ear shape. But times are changing. Ears come in unique shapes and earbuds can be pretty uncomfortable when there's no give in the design. Prevent them from falling out or digging in by customising them with a little Sugru.

iPhone Sugru-Patch

A tutorial for this fantastic ear-mould can be found here. Laptops are meant to be portable, but detaching all your cables each time you leave your desk means more fiddling about when you return to plug them in. Here's a super smart solution to this from Johan, who created a Sugru USB hub for all his desk cables. Problem solved!

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Those unsightly frays you can get at the end of charging cables are preventable, with this classic Sugru hack:. A list like this would be be incomplete without reference to the famous Sugru Cable Shield, perfect for phone or laptop cables. Frays, be gone! What are your creative Apple workarounds? You could be our Fix of the Month winner!