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Justtrying to get where it will do OTA on the phone. Any help appreciated.

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It has still a version and software of SGH-I How do I install software for t-mobile and make it above Edge in t-mobile? I already rooted it. Have a problem. Should I unroot and re root with a different program. One thing is that I found out is that, when I press down on the sd card slot the phone will see the card. Can I still use the files max had on the site to root my att note 2 post exynos exploit and I have 4.

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I rooted my phone with this method and recently purchased the smart dock. Does anyone have experience with this issue? Any truth to this since I and others have tried to no avail. Hay max…. After following all the step my phone is dead,Now its unable to start black screen. Please help what to do,thanks. I rooted my Galaxy Note 2 t This morning around 7. Thought maybe you could help me. I have downloaded it from two differnet places and the same result.

Ran it and it re-rooted my phone and unlocked bootloader. Want both multi window and a proper document spell checker built in to a custom Rom. Ever since getting my Note 2 GT-N I have been trying to find a ROM with both multi window and a proper document spell checker built in, that underscores all the misspelt words in a sentence in red.

Could anyone suggest a Rom that may have my two requirements?

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But for some reason odin failed the test. Please select recovery mode in Kies and try again. Hello Max i just flashed liquidsmooth and my lastest jellybam v7. I want to use a custom rom but I cannot get MTP to work. USB debugging is checked. I tried different USB ports, different cable, different computer, etc. I get the sound that the phone connects and it charges but it does not show up as a connected device. I have installed samsung drivers in all the computers I have tried it on.

Can you help?

I have rooted my phone 2 hours ago. I love this site. It took about 1 minute or something. I rooted my phone because now I dont care about future os updates from samsung. Because I have seen the Galaxy s4 today and saw how big the os is and how much memory it consumes…. Now I want to overclock my phone.

How to Root & Unlock Bootloader on Galaxy Note 4!

Only when playing some games.. I want to know how to overclock my Note 2 Gtn to 1. I have downloaded setcpu which had only upto 1. Oh man, I need your help. I have the SCH-i, and I tried to root it yesterday. I was able to get my phone back by reading a few of your write-ups and putting some things together.

I was also able to get it rooted at the same time. For now on, your site will be the only one I look to for my Note II. Please tell me how to overclock my note 2 gtn to 1. Using tegrak overclock I can overcl9ck it to 1. Have difficulty with certain roms after installing with a message of process acore has stopped working. What is causing that problem particularly with JellyBam, CM Jedi X and Novella on the other hand work perfectly. Hey is there any way to use my note as mass storage to play music on my car?

I appreciate any help. The cellular signal keeps fluxuating between H, 3g, and 4g. Do you have any helpful advice on how I tend to this? Hi, i did all the steps in your video, the odin says i passed, my device rebooted but never made it to the home screen.. Hi I am a noob and I need help really bad I have a Verizon galaxy note 2 build number sch-i and baseband ivrall4. Thanks for your help so even if my phone is rooted still follow these directions?

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Will thise erase any data on my phone because like i said i am on tmT-Mobile prepaid network with a Verizon phone.? I rooted my Note 2 gt-n and wounder if there is a way to update it from 4. I am really new to the android platform so any help would be appreciated. The only reason that i want to upgrade to 4. So my new question is. I have rooted my note 2. Apps update atuck at downloading. And will be installed only after reboot. Kernal version I rooted my note 2 n n installed paranoidandroid v4. How can I get that sim toolkit back?

Urgently assist. Hey I have a question. This is my very first time rooted a phone. Your video was SOOO easy thank you. Can you send me a easy way to help with the ROM. I heard Jedi X was pretty cool. If you can point me in the right way of which ROM to use also. Poderia me indicar slguma e como fazer o procedimento corretamente? Estou no Brasil.

Rooting your Android device is risky. Do it right with our handy guide

Apparently this is a hardware thing, but there are a couple of things that make me think it could be done. One of them is because a lot of people say on the internet that it could be done installing a new modem, they say all these phones comes the same hardware and all samsung does is to lock some functions by software so they can make some Note 2 version work on some especific bands for some carriers.

That tells me that option may be activated somehow, I think it could be locked by Samung I guess. Is that possible? I thought the same thing, but only after I bought the phone I realized Samsung website says that this version N works 3G on , and MHz, not By 3G I mean all 3G technology. All of them, however you want to call them, can be used by the N only on , and MHz. I just changed operator in my country where this new operator works 3G on MHz and the phone does not take it.

The higher network it takes is EDGE. I have N What do you think about skynote rom for att sgh-i? I rooted my att galaxy note 2. I installed the jedi x14 rom but now I cant access my ext. Sd card. I am new to android and rooting. Hi, I bought a Note 2 i that was locked.

SOLVED - How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Without Computer - Root With Towelroot

Thanks a lot for the answer, but it is not taking the code and not getting unlocked at all. I wish If u could tell me if there is a fix for that. Me again. I looked and looked including the search bar. Please, is it possible to give me the link, so I can go straight to it.