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Additionally, most organizations add antivirus software on top of Windows to protect against malware and viruses that have plagued and continue to plague PCs. Finally, organizations need a method to deploy computers to new employees. This program allows organizations to order Macs and iOS devices and have them flagged as corporate-owned.

From there, a management system can load additional applications and settings. This is a tremendous time and cost savings over traditional imaging. Windows 10 does not offer a comparable alternative to DEP, thus requiring organizations to spend time and money on an imaging solution to get a PC ready for a new user.

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Management A management system is essential for both Macs and PCs in an enterprise environment. A proper desktop management system allows IT departments to deploy new devices, configure settings remotely, deploy and update software, gather extensive inventory and ensure security. This is the most popular management tool for Windows.

Most organizations purchase both tools from Microsoft to fully manage Windows. Once again, Apple is different. Jamf — an exclusive Apple management provider — is able to leverage this framework, plus additional software installed to remotely manage Macs. Jamf provides immediate support for new macOS releases. Organizations can leverage Apple deployment programs and security tools to enjoy a complete ecosystem of Mac management capabilities. Organizations can even create a custom app catalog with Jamf Self Service and enable users to install IT-approved apps and settings on their Macs.

Users are notified when new tools and content become available, empowering them to be as productive as possible. Support By the time we reach the final stack of the total cost of ownership model, you can see that Macs are already less expensive. Beyond basic services, hardware and software, and management tools, you also need to support your users.

Support staff and help desk resources will always vary based on organizational demands. It has been anecdotally reported for a long time that Mac users require less support than their PC counterparts. Recently, IBM — who have deployed nearly , Macs in the past two years — have provided concrete data to support this claim. Plus, out of those tickets that are opened, only five percent of Mac users end up requiring an in-person visit.

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PC boasts a troublesome 27 percent of tickets that require IT visits. While these stats are for the largest Mac deployment in the enterprise, the trend applies to smaller organizations who add Macs to their environment. Thanks to most core services moving to the cloud and becoming cross platform, the cost is now a wash between Mac and PC. Any organization serious about managing and securing Windows will need to add additional software and tools to the cost of their cheap PC, as opposed to having those features built into the operating system with Mac.

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Finally, when you add on the cost of management tools and support, the total cost of ownership gap can potentially be huge for an organization. As you can see, the debate is over when it comes to the actual cost of computers in your environment. We've only scratched the surface on Mac versus PC. Read our e-book for a full breakdown and discover ways to empower users, while also saving your entire organization time and cost.

Continue Reading. Our 27in iMac review is here and the 21in iMac review is here. Plus read: It is a largely non-upgradeable desktop professional Mac. We review it here. It features a 3. New model coming soon! Apple has revealed details of the new Mac Pro coming later in We have high hopes.

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Read our preview of the upcoming Mac Pro. The top-of-the-range 15in MacBook Pro has a fast 8-core i9 9th-gen processor running at 2. By comparison the top-of-the-range iMac comes with a 3. This is certainly true at the high end. However, the processor options for the iMac and the 15in MacBook Pro have improved in recent years, offering more cores topping out at 8 for the MacBook Pro and 6 for the iMac - although there is an 8-core iMac build-to-order option.

Currently the MacBook Pro processors top out at i9, while the iMac processors are i5 - but the build-to-order iMac option is i9. This is another benefit. Only the 15in MacBook Pro models offer discrete graphics, all other MacBooks have integrated graphics. However, this is changing.

Now the only desktops that don't ship with an SSD as standard are the iMacs. There's a good reason for the preference for SSDs. If PC has to access data from a hard drive it can slow it down in typical operation. A obvious difference here is the way a SSD equipped laptop can start up almost instantaneously, while you might have to turn on a desktop and then go and make a cup of tea while it starts up. The entry-level iMac comes with 1TB hard drive.

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If you think you need a lot of storage you might be able to get by with an external hard drive, or attach to a network attached storage device a NAS drive via your WiFi. As the price of cloud storage declines you may well find that 2TB of storage that you can access from anywhere is much more useful than having a 2TB drive inside your Mac.

Read about the pricing options for iCloud storage here. As a result you might have ruled out a MacBook Pro in favour of a You can plug your Mac laptop into a second screen and either use that instead of, or as well as, your MacBook screen.

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Read about how to connect a second screen to your Mac here. This is true. The display on the 27in iMac really is great, and pretty much the best 5K display you can get for your money right now. There are calls for Apple to up the display on the 15in MacBook Pro to 4K, which would match the display on the This may happen in the next year or so, with rumours that a 16in MacBook Pro is in the works.

However, whether you really need that many pixels is another question.

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However, you might benefit from the quality if you are editing photos or video. One is having a fixed internet connection. While Mac desktops also have WiFi, obviously, the fact that they offer Ethernet too can be a benefit. If you are downloading software, or uploading something quite big, then having an ethernet connection will be faster. Because your desktop Mac can connect via an ethernet connection you can also share that connection to other devices wirelessly.

A final point in the favour of the Mac desktop is upgradability.