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White Screen of Death on iMac after Yosemite update

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How to remove grey border from

Thread starter droyjul Start date Oct 18, Sort Posts by Likes. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Oct 18, 4 1. On my macbook pro, my desktop screen has a transparent box on it which just stays there. I restart the macbook and it will go but then it will then appear again.

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How do I get rid of this? A Sad Mac may be deliberately generated at startup by pressing the interrupt switch on Macintosh computers that had one installed, or by pressing Command and Power keys shortly after the startup chime. On some Macintoshes e.

PowerBook c if the user presses the command and power keys before the screen comes up, it will play the chimes of death; the chimes are a fraction of normal speed and there is no Sad Mac displayed. The strings of text that appears with the Sad Mac screen have different meanings on different models of the Macintosh system.

Also, on older models like the Macintosh Plus , the Sad Mac has a checkerboard pattern around the icon instead of a black background, making the icon look like it has a gray border around it. On the iPod , if damage or an error occurs in the hardware or the firmware , for example, if its files are deleted, or a serious unrecoverable hard drive error is found in a disk scan, a Sad iPod appears. This is similar to the Sad Mac, but instead of a computer, there is an iPod with a sad face, and doesn't play a death chime.

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The monitor will attach magnetically to the display and you'll be able to adjust the height you get mm worth of adjustment and viewing angle. This sort of set up for the iMac could go some way to counter the problems we have with its ergonomic positioning.

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In comparison, the iMac bezels look positively huge! Just imagine how big that screen could be if those bezels were smaller. Want to get an idea of how an iMac with smaller bezels could look? The new display will have tiny 9mm border around the edge of the screen.

With the design unchanged in almost a decade the iMac is in danger of losing its wow factor. When Apple built the iMac Pro it needed to redesign the internals of the iMac to accommodate the cooling system required for more powerful components. The more powerful the iMac gets the greater the need for improvements to the existing cooling system. So, with the above in mind, what do we hope to see in the new iMac for ?

White screen with grey borders. I can hear the Mac running.

Read on to find out. You can also read our 27in iMac review here and our If you love the iMac just the way it is check out our best iMac deals for money off a new iMac , or you can buy one from Apple here. So, on the assumption that Apple must be looking at redesigning the iMac, what do we expect to see? This seems likely given that display technology has evolved in such a way as to accommodate smaller bezels, and smaller bezels is likely to mean an even bigger screen.

With many modern displays larger than 30in, the 27in iMac display looks small by comparison and the With smaller bezels we could conceivably see a 30in display on the larger iMac without the display being much bigger, while the smaller model could gain a 24in display. Although the new iMac wouldn't need to be that big to offer a 6K display.

A 30in display with smaller bezels could still accomodate the 6, x 3, pixels for Retina 6K resolution and a 6K iMac. The original iMac was famous for its fruity selection of colours but over the past few years the iMac has been available in initially white, and then silver.

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It is time for Apple to spice up the iMac colour palette! How could Apple adjust the iMac to make it more ergonomically friendly? We mentioned the angle-poised lamp design above, might the company bring back the hinged arm? We hope so. With all the components squeezed in behind the display it seems a bit unfair to criticise this 2.

One of the biggest design changes could be a bigger display, and a bigger display will mean more pixels. Currently the 27in iMac offers 5, x 2, pixels for a 5K Retina display, while the As we said above, a new iMac with a larger screen could bring enough pixels for a 6K display.

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