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My An has a crush on the good-looking and rich Thien.

Bảo Hân "Về nhà đi con" lộ ảnh bạn cùng lớp toàn là mỹ nhân | Báo Dân trí

He is labeled "The Prince of the Dreams" in the school, but in the same time he is cold, eccentric and not interested in his peers. Votes: 6. PG min Romance. Khang is a charming and handsome playboy; Hieu is his earnest and hardworking "Bill Gates" wannabe sidekick. Tri, a romantic and idealistic music producer, finds himself in a talent raising competition against Minh, an aggressive and pragmatic producer. During this race, Tri falls in love with Linh, his singer and only ticket to dreamland. Set during the Vietnam War in the early 's, with civil unrest on the streets of Saigon, the Republic of Vietnam's capital, follow by a military coup against the President.

The tale is a For twenty years, Canh has lived in North Vietnam, unable to return to his home in the south where his wife is waiting for him. She is happy to reunite with her husband until she learns This is the story of three lost and jaded twenty-somethings whose intertwining lives share a common search for direction and purpose as they try to cope up with the joys and pains of quarter-life crisis in a place not their comfort zone. Drama, Romance. Dinh Phong, a young and happy-go-lucky singer, is diagnosed with a pituitary tumor at the peak of his prime.

This life and death dilemma forever changes Phong's view of life and the people around him. Nikki finds herself in tantric practice. Her marriage life with Calvin and the Asia root are those that question her.


All questions keep going back to money. A young man and woman begin a sudden romance after he saves her from an accident in the forest. His dreams start becoming plagued with nightmares of a woman who looks identical to her, but seems to be from a different life Two young people learn about life and love on a train ride from Hanoi to Saigon.

In a near future Vietnam where global warming and rising seawater levels have forced cultivation to be done on floating farms, a strong-willed woman has to make a critical decision about her ex-lover, a suspect of her husband's murder.

Story about twins: The Son is a superstar and The Tung is a farmer. They changed position. The story is about a young man named Bao Nam, living in a rich family, so he has a coxcomb personality. Because of being lazy, dissolute and snobbish, Bao Nam keeps turning his parents down Votes: 9. The film revolve around the affection of Hieu and Mai Ngoc, their concerns, gender "boundaries" between instinct and reason, between curiosity about the age of adolescence and early After a fortuneteller tells her that she's going to die soon in 3 days, An runs into a handsome but weird stranger who keeps telling her that he's The Death.

His mission is to kill her with A talented but obese girl, who ghost-sings for a not-so-talented pop star, undergoes extensive plastic surgery to become a slender beauty with a new identity. A single bachelor dates multiple women over several weeks, narrowing them down to hopefully find his true love. Made in time to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu victory, Do Minh Tuan's film focuses on personal relationships as they manifest during turbulent political times. Comedy, Drama, Music. Like a poem of this beautiful city, four love stories happen in Saigon will show you how lovely Saigonese and their Love could be.

The film is about a Vietnamese expatriate who spends his two-week vacation visiting his home country which has undergone remarkable economic reforms. His journey to discover his home Woo Bin and Ji Hyo play best friends who move to Vietnam into a home filled with the coolest Samsung appliances.

There is also a bit of drama in store for the friends when feelings and other people get involved. It's the clash of the incompatible signs when Huy, a Sagittarius playboy, meets My, a zodiac-enthusiast Pisces, and their fates become heart-achingly entangled in a twisted journey of unrequited love. Trong Vo Hoai Nam is a domineering pseudo gang leader and rubbish dealer who pockets any meager profits made by the other rubbish collectors in his end of town.

But his life takes a Two poor sisters met a young owner of fancy restaurant. The younger sister fall in love with the young owner, even though the two sisters decided to kidnap him for ransom. Drama, Romance Post-production. Following his father's diary, Dr. Truong goes to a small village in The Central to work voluntarily.

There, he meets Nguyet and a gay guy, named Hai. Hai falls in love with Truong and tries Votes: 5.

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Duyen, a wedding dress staff, who decides to continue a pregnancy despite Hung, her lover advising her to have an abortion. He hit by car while chasing her. When he woke up, he saw all men around are pregnant instead of their wife. Ngo Dong by Ha dreams of becoming a famous actress. Quang Hy by Hai wants to take nude "artistic" photos.

They meet and Quang Hy lies that he's a director to get Ngo Dong to participate in taking photos. Their relationship begins. Unrated 98 min Comedy, Drama, Romance. A man of dubious background, Lucky Loc has worked his way into respectable society as the owner of a company producing high-end ceremonial gifts to be burned as offerings to the dead.

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Three friends must save their friendship before a basketball match between their team and a strong opponent begins. Romance, War. Votes: 8. A young dentist's world turns upside down when a famous Vietnamese TV actress enters his dental office. Drama, History, Romance. The film focuses on one aspect of love - love someone who doesn't love you.

Ngoc Thao plays the role of Bao Quyen - a dull, difficult girl, and Sy Thanh dyes her hair blonde to play the Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More.

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Goodbye Mother min Comedy, Drama, Romance 8. Lost in Paradise min Drama, Romance 6. My Dear Assistant min Comedy, Romance 6. Jailbait Comedy, Drama, Romance 6. Summer in Closed Eyes 98 min Drama, Romance 7. Love Romance 7. Butterfly House Comedy, Romance 6. The Girl from Yesterday min Comedy, Romance 7. Gai gia lam chieu 2 min Comedy, Romance 5. Pearls of the Far East min Drama, Romance 8. Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere 99 min Drama, Romance 6. Cua lai vo bau min Comedy, Family, Romance 6. Nostalgia for Countryland min Drama, Romance 7.

The Perfect Wedding min Comedy, Romance 6. Lost in Saigon min Comedy, Family, Romance 5. First Love 85 min Romance 6. Passport to Love PG min Romance 6. Than Tuong min Comedy, Drama, Romance 7. Sandy Lives 90 min Drama, Romance 7. I Love You. Thank You. Husband Swap Drama, Romance 6. She's the Boss min Comedy, Romance 6. I'll Wait Romance 6.