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Hold down the keys until your Mac chimes three additional times. Problems with the System Management Controller can interfere with indicator lights, startup sequences, video and application performance, and cooling-fan speeds. SMC reset procedures changed when Apple stopped building portable Macs with removable batteries. With your system shut down, connect its power adapter to an electrical outlet and the Mac. Simultaneously press the power button and the "Shift-Ctrl-Option" keys on the left side of the built-in keyboard. Release the keys and turn on the computer. On an older system with a removable battery, turn off the computer, unplug its power adapter, and unlatch and remove the battery pack from the bottom of the case.

Press the power button and hold it for five seconds.

How To Fix - IMAC Won't Power On - Turn On - Apple IMAC suddenly dead and does not turn on

After you release the button, reinsert the battery and reconnect its adapter. Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Mott has extensive experience writing advertising copy for everything from kitchen appliances and financial services to education and tourism. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer.

By Elizabeth Mott. Reattach the power and keep holding the button down? What was that possibly going to accomplish? Have appt Apple Store in 1hr!! Been having battery problems within my Apple Care but store refused to do anything; kept doing diagnostic, all extras……???????? I didn't remove my partition with the OSX install - I just can't access it!

I don't know what to do. I have replaced the old keyboard thinking it might be problem with the new one. Hi, I'm happy all other users solved their problems with Mac.. But, My problem seems a bit complected.. But still get White Screen after chime Sound Non of the startup combinations or shutdown work Any suggestion would be great Thank you..

Three days ago, I plugged the Macbook early into the socket to charge. The next day when I turned it on - nothing happened. No chime, no screen, nothing. Took it to Mac Genius which was a waste of time, took it to an Apple approved repair shop, they said the keyboard was clearly full of water impossible , had a technician visit the house and test, doing all the magic tricks you can do to wake up a mac, nothing worked - everyone said it's the logic board.

I have had this Macbook purchased new only 2. It didn't make sense that this essential and most expensive part of the MBP would die so soon. I had suspected the battery as responsible for some time for other issues erratic track pad for example. I backed up the computer, turned it off - no problem rebooting at all.

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And in fact the computer is working much faster now. I will have it totally checked out and replace the battery 38 euros.

My iMac Won’t Turn on After the Latest Security Update! | Grove Technologies - Mac Support DC

Hope this helps people with similar issues! Thanks for your sharing, I had have same issue with you. I followed your steps. And ahaa!! That is so awesome!!

My iMac Won’t Turn on After the Latest Security Update!

Its always Battery Issues with Apple Products. I gave up!! Constantly going to Apple Store is annoying especially talking to Genius staff is useless. Thanks so much! I'm grateful for your help! Thanks a lot!!! Suddenly Macbook Pro bought in would only turn on , and run for about 2 minutes, then shiut down. Just running that Test did something that all the other processes could not.

[Solved] How to fix iMac/MacBook Air/Pro won't turn on/start up/boot?

I wish you very well and great success. I've got a 27" iMac from A little while ago it wouldn't boot anymore. I heard the "Wall-E" sound, it showed a grey background, the apple logo and a bar loading. So I was stuck. He provided me with a stick with the OS. I started the computer with the USB drive plugged in, and held down the option button. This shows the option to boot from the USB drive.

When I selected that, I got back to a grey background with an apple logo and a bar loading. It got hanging again. I did the extended test. It found nothing.

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Out of desperation I tried starting my computer once more with the USB. Now I did get into Disk Utility. I was able to clear the HD and install the new OS. Now I'm wondering if I could have just started the computer after the test, without re-installing the OS. Oh well, it's an old computer, I only use it for Netflix nowadays. Thanks for the tips, they were golden! Had to log in and post that the 10 second with unplugged, then while holding do another 10 seconds, fixed my issue. My Mac hadn't been turned on in probably at least a year and this got it to boot!

Thank you! No chime.

1. Check If the Mac Has Power

I've tried a variety of fixes suggested here and in other places with no luck. Machine starts to boot and goes to a black screen with cursor showing after the progress bar is about halfway. I've tried various key combinations and can't get the chime so most key combinations don't work. Help button says hard disk needs replacing? I had the same problem, running extensive memory tests on my computer solved it for me, as you can see in my comment. I switch off my macbook pro before going on holiday for a couple of days.

Came back wanting to catch up with work and would not start at all, with battery indicator on charger a very dim green. Have searched the net for every possible solution but nothing is working!

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Might my macbook be really dead! The power cycle tip did the trick! I was starting to get worried after I worked through the apple troubleshooting guide without results Thanks for the article. I just bought an old Mac book pro 17" 2. It worked when the guy showed it to me and I messed around on it for about an hour or two later that night. Then I plugged it in and Battery showed full green light on cord was on But nothing no beep no fan no screen. I was about to find out how cool it would be to run over it in my truck and make a video of how I will never buy Apple again 1st time apple user And your article got me to try the ole reset thing I noticed while I was disconnecting and reconnecting the bAttery for the hundredth time, while leaving the power cord plugged in I heard the fans click on for a sec I noticed after trying a few more times to duplicate my accidental discovery and found that I was pushing my thumb into the bottom case of the laptop, just outside to the lower left corner of where the battery fits in my model A for those of you lucky enough to have this beauty of a relic.

And BAMM fans start up Don't really know what short or flaw or what not that I discovered but she's still working well, and my truck tires shall never meet my laptop now. I did a Recovery mode as explained above and tried to do a restore from Time Machine back-up, but the back-up disc didn't appear.

In Disk Utility it did appear, so I did a copy of the backup disk onto my internal HD, which was probably a bad idea, the computer still wouldn't boot. I also made an external usb installation media with DiskMaker on another computer, but when selecting"Install OS X" from the usb and selecting the internal HD for the installation, I now get the message "This disk is used for Time Machine backups" - apparently because it is indeed a copy of my backup disk! So this seems quite locked indeed. Does anyone have a solution? Is it possible to unlock the internal HD somehow, e. Thanks so much!!

Resetting the PRAM did the trick. I was about to give it away and buy a new Mac until I came across your article. I now have a great working laptop again. Observations 1 Mag Adapter Shows Green when plugged in 2 pressing the small button on the left side shows full battery charge. Work in progress. I have a Macbook Pro 13" mid with a gb HD. I then made a 1 on 1 copy of my old HD onto the SSD, it works for a while andeven I can shut it down, I can reboot it, put it in hibernation and standby but for a unknown reason after weeks, if I reboot it or shut it down it won't boot up again.

I thought about compatibility of the SSD but if not compatible it won't works at all.