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Is there any way to force the client Mac Mini to use a setting of x so I get a real full screen? All I see is a new button in the bottom right that says detect displays. Clicking on it does nothing. The only resolution shown is x Many people seem to have good luck using the AirDisplay drivers to achieve this. There's also headless dummy adapters you can buy, although that might be overkill. If you're keen to building your own there's a way to do that as well.

More information here. I'd like to offer an improved answer, that the author may consider for the question.

The previous answer's AirDisplay drivers actually messed up my remote client, and left me with 16 virtual displays, all with the same information, where I couldn't click anything. Luckily I know how to navigate Activity Monitor with the Keyboard: Your screen will black out. Many recommend something similar to the following Terminal commands.

The reason the last line does not work is because it actually terminates your login session. That forces the screen resolution to revert in my case, back to x , and you'll be back where you started. This command terminates the Screen Sharing session, which at its core is what Apple Remote Desktop uses.

How to Show All Possible Screen Resolutions for a Display in Mac OS X

It retains the logged in session, which retains the screen resolution you set with Display Menu in earlier steps. I have yet to log out of my current session on my client machine, so this may only be a temporary fix. However, its the only way I have found that satisfies my OCD with proper screen real estate consumption. Some alternatives that others have presented below, in case this answer does not work for your system:.

Just downloading Display menu from App Store free and choosing highest resolution worked for me on Yosemite. Now running headless with great remote screen resolution. No other actions required. It is a shareware utility that installs itself into System Preferences. From within the panel, it allows you to force the default resolution of an external monitor.

Login screen resolution OSX Yosemite FIX - GUY FLORACK

We're looking for long answers that provide some explanation and context. Don't just give a one-line answer; explain why your answer is right, ideally with citations. Answers that don't include explanations may be removed. Here's an alternative, based on CDD's answer that will work for Lion. The Display Menu application doesn't work on Lion. Go to System Preferences, Displays, and choose the resolution you want. Switch to this resolution.

The VNC display will freeze. Press Return a couple of times to accept the resolution anyway. You'll see the menu bar getting wider for a moment, but not the VNC windows.

Video walkthrough

Then it'll auto-revert to how it was. The display chooser may still not show up in the menu bar for lack of space. Disable anything you don't need in the menu bar until there's enough space for the display chooser to show up. Close Preferences. Log in to the same computer using ssh separately. Choose the desired resolution from the menu bar display chooser, press return a couple of times, and now you can run killall ScreensharingAgent from the ssh session. The VNC window will now resize to the correct resolution. I succeeded to update the resolution on my headless Mac Mini Server with the most simplest option:.

For its simplicity, I prefer the QuickRes application. This Finally solved a similar annoying work-related monitor problem of mine. Might help you too.


My development-work computer is an iMac sitting on my Baby Grand Piano. Works fine but theres a niggle. My MacBook screen res. So for remote work my screen real estate is squashed. I get to use only lines out of the available on my MacBook Pro, with black letter boxing above and below the video.

A waste.

To my rescue comes a tiny product: You plug it into the second monitor video port where it acts as a dummy second display with variable screen resolution options up to 4K. However on receiving it - I plugged it into my VDI port. It appeared in preferences as a second screen. Googled around. And came across and downloaded demo of an app called SwitchResX which does all manner of things to do with monitors. So added one for x No letterboxing. More pixels to poke, drag and mouse around with.. For example because it sits in a rack or on a shelf Resolutionator worked for me on El Capitan.

For now Display menu is the way to go for a Mac headless computer. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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  • Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Force the resolution on a headless mac mini server Ask Question. Everett Everett 1, 3 13 Pang 4 7. AirDisplay was not intuitive for me and I somehow ended up with 8 mirrored desktop squares on my Mac Mini. I think it is odd that you post a direct download link in your answer and don't link to a the AirDisplay website or elaborate on how to use it. I direct linked it because it's convenient, although if you want to go through one more step click here. Same problem I have a MacBookPro10,1 I made a fresh install of Yosemite I Zapped Pram, reset reboot and everything but still low res on login, while switching between users is high res….

    Definitely a bug…. Hi Roger, Did you try changing the display resolution to a different setting, then rebooting and changing it back to the desired resolution? Make sure you are logged in as an administrator. Any other solution? Yes, I am running OS X An there are no other ext devices connected. I already reinstalled the OS. The issue is only at systemstart. Once the system is running, I can go in suspend mode and reactivate the Macbook, the Login Screen is at correct resolution…..

    Hi Erich, so the issue occurs when you have no other external devices connected? Are you running OS X If not try upgrading. When my Thunderbolt Display is connected, I do not have this issue. Hi Erich, can you confirm that the issue occurs exclusively when external displays are connected? Yes, I tried it with different resolutions. And thats not working. I am logged in as Admin…. Hi Erich. Did you try changing the display resolution to a different setting, then rebooting and changing it back to the desired resolution?

    This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. FIX IT! Turn on your Mac. Release the keys. Manish on December 8, at Piotr Kowalczyk on November 10, at Anonymous on November 7, at StarLord on October 31, at Jose on August 22, at SRe on July 3, at Chris on April 14, at Hi Guy, thanks for the info, I understand now. Guy Florack on April 9, at Chris on April 7, at Anonymous on March 21, at JP Lewis on March 15, at Tarek Mokhtar on March 6, at Pouya on February 22, at TheAngryPenguin on February 11, at This did not work for me either.

    MacBook Pro Retina, inch, Early Laurent D. Perfect, it works!!! Thank you so much… was getting mad!