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Knights of the Old Republic 2 Coming to Mac, SteamOS With Massive Update - IGN

Lost Jedi. Ebon Hawk.

KOTOR 2 - Official Update After 10 Years!! (Modding Support and More)

Nar Shaddaa. Master of the Palace. Malachor V. Atton Bao-Dur. Disciple G0-T0. Handmaiden Hanharr. HK Kreia. Any mac users gotten this to work yet? Huh, that didn't happen for me. If you do make a copy of the file, make sure to keep the original one just incase. You might have to store the original file in a new folder so that the game will use the copied file.

Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™ II - The Sith Lords (Mac - Linux)

If yu bought the game through App Store the folder will be in here: I can't find that anywhere. I did figure out how to edit the. I still can't find it in application support though. Ok, I'm having the same problem with the new Steam release of the game. I mean, if I type "warp nar", keys are just doing what they have to do in the game, nothing else. I have a MacBook Pro and a Qwertz keyboard.

If somebody can tell me what to do in order to have the console working, it would be really cool! I tried basically everything but it won't work. Does anybody have experience with this problem? Do we need an external keyboard or something? See if that helps if you haven't tried it. Hi, just found this post.

Am I the only one that doesn't have a kotor2 folder inside application support? This version does not have a folder in Application Support. You could try using a save editor. Just drop yourself some massive stats and you should fly through whatever. Sorry for being way late for this but did you ever get it to work? I've edited my. I did get it to work but by editing the application support file. If that's not working for you then I'm not really sure what else to do: No worries.

I think I've edited the. I'm guessing my problem is that I'm using a swedish keyboard and the tilde key isn't where it's supposed to be. Perhaps there's a way to rebind the console to a different key? That's what I had to do to open the console for Dragon Age. If the Exile is female, he joins the crew to assist in searching for the remaining Jedi Masters.

He can only be recruited if the Exile is female, in which case he is automatically recruited after reaching him in the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. By talking with him outside of combat, the Exile can ask the Disciple to create Medpacs for the party provided the party has a low amount of them or to help with. Soldier can multiclass into Jedi Consular Weapons: A successful no-nonsense bounty hunter known for her mercy and demolitions experience, Mira joins the Exile after trying to get crime lord Goto off their back.

A Star Wars classic’s 10-year journey to Mac

She also has a bitter history with bounty hunter Hanharr after evading his hunt and saving his life ending up in an unintentional Wookiee "life debt" with him. She can only be recruited if, at a certain point in Nar Shaddaa, the Exile has not fallen to the Dark Side, in which case she is automatically recruited after the Exile is captured by Goto in Nar Shaddaa.

Able to help navigate the party around traps, having her as the current party leader allows the entire party to navigate through mines without tripping them. She is also the only character who can equip the Wrist-Mounted Launcher item for one of her Arm slots, giving her the ability to launch grenades at a faster speed and causing them to detonate on direct impact while allowing her to fire unique darts and rockets. Like the Scout class of the previous game and Hanharr , Mira gains three beneficial feats: Evasion which negate all damage if the saving throw succeeds , Uncanny Dodge which reduces the effect of enemy grenades , and Targeting which gives an attack bonus on ranged weapons.

In addition, Mira gains the Precise Shot feats for free. Scout can multiclass into Jedi Sentinel Weapons: Light Armor Starting Level: Caution, Dueling, Close Combat. A sociopathic Wookiee of great strength, Hanharr is a bounty hunter with an immense hatred of humans after being taken to slavery by the Czerka Corporation.

He also has a bitter history with bounty hunter Mira , after failing to hunt her and ending up in a Wookiee "life debt" with her.

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Should the Exile agree to help kill his handler Visquis, Hanharr kills Mira in a duel and is forced by Kreia to serve the Exile. He can only be recruited if, at a certain point in Nar Shaddaa, the Exile has fallen to the Dark Side, in which case he is automatically recruited after the Exile is captured by Goto in Nar Shaddaa. His Wookiee toughness gives him extra health points when leveling up and allows him to negate some of the damage he receives. While he cannot wear any armor, he can wear other equipment that requires any sort of armor proficiency.

Like the Scout class of the previous game and Mira , Hanharr gains three beneficial feats: In addition, Hanharr gains the Precise Shot feats for free. Scout Weapons: None Starting Level: Close Combat. Should the Exile repair him using parts from imitation HK droids, he is reactivated to serve the crew as a combat droid.

Despite his damaged memory banks, HK still has an affinity for causing death and destruction now with a new-found hatred of the HK droids.

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He can optionally be recruited after recovering the Ebon Hawk from Telos, provided the Exile found all of the necessary components. Focused on combat, HK has a random chance of critical hits dealing a significant amount of extra damage based on the target's current health. He also has a native boost to his Defense bonus.

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Combat Droid Weapons: Blaster Pistols, Blaster Rifles Armor: Power Blast Starting Feats: Weapon Focus Blaster Rifle , Toughness. After escaping from a ruthless assassin droid on the mining station of Peragus with her companions Kreia , Atton Rand and T3-M4 , the Exile sets about finding a way to stop the hidden Sith menace and recovering her connection to the force --which was seemingly cut off by the Jedi Council after her excommunication. Mentored by the uncompromisingly pragmatic Kreia, the Exile gathers more and more companions including a Sith Lord's former apprentice and the leader of the tattered remains of the Mandalorians and travels to a wide variety of planets in her search for the last remaining Jedi Masters.

As she travels about the galaxy, the Exile gains insights into the nature of the force, the flaws inherent in its black-and-white morality, and the dark pasts of her companions. Depending on her interactions, the Exile may begin a romance with either Atton Rand or the Disciple if male, then the Exile can romance the Handmaiden or Visas Marr.

After gathering the remaining Jedi Masters at the ruined Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, it is revealed that it was not the Council that cut off the Exile from the force at all.

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In fact, she severed her connection as a defence mechanism following the destruction of Malachor V --the sheer scale of which should have killed most force sensitives outright. The Council also reveal that the Exile has not recovered her connection to the force at all, but is rather acting as a leech, draining the force from those around her. Given her status as a "wound in the force", the Council resolve to actually sever the Exile's connection to the force, and nearly succeed but for the intervention of Kreia.

Kreia berates the Council for their ignorance, and severs their connection to the force, killing them instantly. Following her recovery from the ordeal, the Exile tracks down Darth Traya to the ruins of Malachor V, where they confront one another, student and master, for the final time. On a dark-sided playthrough, the Jedi Council scene is decidedly less crowded--as the Exile has already killed most or all of the Jedi Council. If this is the case, Kreia instead berates the player for her brutality and foolishness, branding her a failure.

The confrontation on Malachor V still occurs, but rather than it being the end result of the Exile's quest for insight and harmony, it is the end result of the Exile's lust for power. Carth Onasi will appear and inquire to the Exile if she knows of Revan's current whereabouts. Also on Korriban, there is a cave that the Exile must be an extremely high level to enter.