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I like to use Acrobat Writer to create pdf from web page so it acts exactly like html web site with clickable links. With Gramps I can do this. With GenoPro I cannot, something strange in their coding.

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The problem with Gramps however, the pedigree charts could be much much better. I also like to do pedigrees of Arabian horses, and these can extend to 20 generations. All this obviously cannot fit on one page, but GenoPro does a much better job of compressing a pedigree yet still showing info. Why does Gramps have the name boxes so far apart so they extend to more than one page?

The color used in the pedigree charts, I would like to be able to change. It would be nice if we could have our own colors for the name boxes in very light pastels please. Gramps reminds me of Open Office as opposed to Microsoft Office. But then you try Microsoft Office and you wonder how you ever thought Open Office was good.

The ability to allow editing of charts and reports would be huge, to allow pedigree charts to be moved around like Generations and Reunions , to be compressed or expanded individual name boxes too. To be kept on one page as much as wanted. To allow boxes to resize to fit names and pictures, with no splitting of names on multiple lines or cut off.

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Biggest Pro: Can be made into pdf with clickable links just like a web page. Biggest Con: The resulting report just looks too amateurish. The primary platform for my family tree is online at Ancestry. I want to be able to easily select a portion of my family tree, and export it as a GEDCOM for sharing or creating specific charts. The website and documentation are impressive compared to other open source projects. Importing was pretty slow, and the interface hesitated a few seconds whenever I switched between different panes.

The Gramps database from this file is more than 11 MB.

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The import took almost 7. GeneWeb imports the whole file in a few seconds, and its database is actually less than 2 MB. As one further experiment, I tried to import the same data from a GeneWeb file. Biggest Pro: free, lots of features, good website and documentation Biggest Con: godawful slow, ridiculously huge database file size, poor MacOS X interface. Reunion has been around for over 20 years and this family tree program gets better and better with each version, the current release is Reunion version 9.

Here are 4 videos to help you in getting started with Reunion. Need a genealogy program? Make sure you choose one that is right for YOU!

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They are all a little different, and one may well be better suited to you than another. Recommendations from others are great, but nothing beats being able to try a program out for yourself. Yes Windows No Demo-mode: Up to persons with some functions disabled. More than persons: Only view mode.

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No 25 Person Free Trial. No 50 Person Free Trial.

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Yes Standard Edition. MIT License. No Free Trial, but you cannot save or export your entries.

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Yes Essentials. Partial christening and marriage only. Partial One partner's gender mislabelled. Partial One partner's gender mislabelled [1]. Yes paid version.

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