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Using AES encryption specification for your 7z files and Zip 2. Still too big If the files are really huge and they do not fit your mail or server, just split them into pieces. So simple, so strong You do not even need to open Keka to compress a file, keep it in your dock and use it from there. Privacy is very important Share safely just setting a password and creating highly encrypted files.

What's more, Archiver also lets you create split archives. Archiver 2 made working with archives easy.

B1 Free Archiver

We knew there was room for improvement, so we rolled up our sleeves to make working with archives even easier for you. Archiver 3 brings you a smooth interface, a blazing fast workflow and a convenient quick preview.

Tutorial: How to unzip files on Mac.

Never worry about archive formats again — Archiver's seamless drag and drop is back and smarter than ever! Just drag your files into the app and sit back while Archiver takes care of the rest.

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With Archiver you can take a sneak peek and preview archives. Say goodbye to extracting all files just to see what's inside and archive!

And it gets better: save even more time by extracting only the files you really need. With Archiver you can split files into smaller files of any desired size. Optionally compress the split files to squeeze out some extra space, or checksum them for added security. Protect your files by packing them in encrypted, password-protected archives.

Have you ever tried to send an image only to be told that the file is too large? Do your file uploads seem to take forever?

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Enter Archiver's own compression format , with which you can truly shrink image and audio files. Archiver is geared to take full advantage of your Mac. You can extract multiple archives by simply dragging them onto the app. Archiver unpacks the archives in parallel to leverage the highest possible performance.

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All rights reserved. Incredible Bee. Archiver 3 Archives as easy as "pie" Buy Now Download. Features in a nutshell Extract archives So you downloaded this file you can't open? Reduce file size Running low on disk space? Reclaim it with Archiver by compressing files and folders.

Preview archives You requested, we gladly delivered! See screenshot.