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The way in which it fades out is also appreciated — I do miss the good old musical fade-outs of the past. Nevertheless, it does allow for Buckingham to ruminate in a way that he has rarely done before with Fleetwood Mac, despite the outcome sounding like a solo effort.

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Extended Play fails to show Fleetwood Mac at their musical best. It does, however, succeed in showcasing a band who are still making serviceable music that fans will undoubtedly enjoy. The band announced an indefinite hiatus — its members diverting their concentration to their personal lives and solo endeavors. But for three years that promise went unfulfilled as Fleetwood Mac rode the nostalgia train all the way to the bank.

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  • Fleetwood Mac release new four-track EP on iTunes without warning | Music | The Guardian?
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Another world tour, TV appearances, and album reissues — no new music. Via a surprise press release last month, Fleetwood Mac announced Extended Play, a four-song EP of new material — their first since Just Buckingham.

Fleetwood Mac Release 'Extended Play,' First New Music in a Decade | Billboard

The songs play it safe, adhering to the midtempo rhythms that best suit his voice. A known perfectionist, he co-produced the EP alongside Mitchell Froom, and the attention paid to detail shows. The new Fleetwood Mac EP, aptly named "Extended Play", is a short but sweet taste of more from a band that has truly withstood the test of time.

  • Fleetwood Mac release 'Extended Play' EP, first new music in 10 years.
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  • Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham: ‘Stevie Nicks and I have played these characters for so long’?
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Though far too short for my taste, any new offering from my favorite band of all time is welcome. So, with that said, let's get down to business. The first track on the short offering from the classic rock pioneers is an uptempo diddy entitled "Sad Angel". Ultimately and noticeably a Buckingham original, but Stevie throws in her beautifully rugged vocals for the perfect trademark harmony that we've come to expect from the duo.

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  4. The track is solid, with Buckinghams electric guitar providing a good deal of momentum. Overall, the song writing is ace as expected , the instrumentation is upbeat and superb, and the harmonies are as good as years passed. Judging by this track, one could say that life has been good to Fleetwood Mac, specifically Buckingham and Nicks. A bright spot and possibly the highlight of their musicianship from the past 15 years or so, though Nicks' last album was her best effort since Bella Donna in my opinion.

    Though slower than "Sad Angel", "Without You" is a semi-upbeat kind of love song. Akin to the likes of the live rendition of "Big Love" or the Rumours era classic "I Don't Want To Know", this track is an acoustic folk-rocker of a song that captures some of the long time magic of Buckingham-Nicks, and maybe, just maybe might give you some insight into the early years of their ever complicated relationship.

    The track itself first might seem to be an offering from solely the duo and not Fleetwood Mac, but you'll come to find that "Without You" has an integral element of Fleetwood Mac to it now. Listen to Mick Fleetwoods drumming, Buckinghams wiser, more experienced vocals and the gorgeous harmony from Nicks, the sound is unmistakable. The next track, things slow down and take a turn for the melancholic with a piano fueled ballad called "It Takes Time". There's an eeriness to this track, an eeriness that Fleetwood Mac has mastered over the years, a kind of haunting feeling, as found on tracks "Gold Dust Woman" and "I'm So Afraid" the Live '97 rendition specifically.

    Though not nearly as dark and mysterious as the latter, "It Takes Time" still manages to harbor a good deal of emotion and the piano may even hark back to 80's solo efforts of Christine McVie. Based on a few things she's said lately, McVie playing the keys with Fleetwood Mac isn't as far fetched as years passed. She recently stated that she may be interested in playing with the group as a guest on a London date or two.

    Good news for those McVie fans out there. Then the magic picks up again, a track that reminds me of what could almost be a Rumours deep cut. Acoustic strumming, classically irresistible Fleetwood drums, then light echo effects on Buckhingman stating "I remember you", as the track slowly comes to a close.

    I connect with this song at a level that i've come to expect from Fleetwood Mac. The true Fleetwood Mac gem you're looking for is here, especially if you're a Buckingham fan. This track would be a true treat to see live as well.

    Fleetwood Mac - Extended Play Review

    Buckingham shows that he still has what it takes to be the guitarist and partial vocalist of the band, his vocals are better than ever before see "Miss Fantasy". His musicianship on the EP alone is worthy of praise, as seen on "Sad Angel". Stevie Nicks lends her vocals to three of the four tracks, providing her ever excellent sense of harmony and classic background vocals. The rest of the band seems to be in top form as well. Micks unmistakable drumming is as contemporary as ever, while still retaining some impact.

    John isn't as prevalent but you can tell it just wouldn't be the same without him. Stevie and Lindsey ring in their age old pop sensibilities to make strong, artful music with soul, and for that reason I don't think many fans will miss Christine McVie on this particular effort. Every fan differs though. Through high and low, through love and hate, through drama and strife, and even through lineup changes, Fleetwood Mac trudges on, performing, recording, and recapturing the magic and the sensation that started it all.

    Hopefully this magical offering is just a taste of what's possibly to come from such a beautifully talented and ageless band, that will forever be my favorite, and that will forever make music worth listening to.

    Extended Play opens with Sad Angel, Which is an upbeat Country-esque ditty that will have you singing along after just one listen. A great tempo and melody sprinkled with the magic of Buckingham and Nicks on vocals, Who are still a force to be reckoned with and the track dances forward without missing a beat. The Tempo gets stripped down in Without You with this revamped acoustic track from the early days. Its Buckingham, Nicks and a guitar, Keeping it simple, raw and real.

    He takes his time on this track letting the listener drink it up slowly and savoring its grandeur. Extended Play heads for its close with Miss Fantasy, Where the tempo picks up slightly and the melody is sure to follow into the fantasy of the song as it swirls you around the lyrics. Four, Non- Overworked tracks that ooze perfection and touch on the past but that are also very much in the present.

    Fleetwood Mac - Miss Fantasy

    It gives a craving for much more and Fleetwood Mac still have plenty of gas in the tank. Extended Play features 3 brand new songs written by guitarist Buckingham. This is the only song Nicks wrote on the EP, as her mother died when the other 3 members began work on the recordings. Extended Play starts with Sad Angel, which is an up-tempo rocker filled with repitition and the glamour of the 63 to year-old supergroup.

    This song is the crowning jewel of this EP, and it quickly signals what Buckingham has said, the band has chapters yet to be written. Without You is a song rich with acoustic charm and laced with the sweet and rosinate harmony that has defined Nicks and Buckingham for the entirety of their tumultuous career together. Nicks has called it the nicest words she has written about Buckingham, as most of their hits are the songs during and after their very ugly split.

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