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I have a program that gives a mac address only for errors.

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I think you need to supply more details The translation between IP and MAC addresses is done using the address resolution protocol ARP - the command-line program to check the windows ARP cache is simply 'arp' try arp -a to see current cache entries You'll have to have a machine on the same LAN segment, at least, because past a router, I don't think you can get to them. More or less. I don't know about a scripted way though.

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Would it be feasible to do an nmap sweep of the network, dump the arp cache, then grep is available for win32 if you look for the mac address in question? Then do nslookup xxx. This will depend on your network have reverse dns, otherwise you will need to figure out how to do it through netbios. Originally posted by euzeka: I can see all of them in windows networking as it's one subnet. I doubt there's reverse dns.

What it is is a coworker is working in SQL server. I'm trying to write a script to identify the computer with that mac address. A batch or vbscript or anything that has a built in interpreter in windows xp I can look into nmap I suppose.

get IP and/or computer name from MAC address?

Should work if you have windows based DHCP. Credit where credit is due http: Only computers recently communicate with will appear in the arp cache. Hence, reverse-arp.

There is no standard way to do this, whatever method you use will likely have issues with reliability and complexity. If you have absolutely no idea what the box is, or who it is, then run nmap on it to see what ports the machine has open and what the make of the network card is. We know that it is a Dell computer, We know that it has to be wired in our wireless network has a different IP set and we know what the MAC address is.

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Also we know there is no current computer on the network that has the ip address that it had when it was causing problems. I think i might just have to go from computer to computer and check their mac addresses. Why is that?

How to Find the MAC Address in Windows 7

And why do you need the name? Are you switches not managed?

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  6. On a managed switch you can always track down what port a mac address is connected too.. Even if the cheapest smart switches support this. Depending on your network setup you could also Browse the computer using a domain admin account etc.

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