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Subseries of Truck Simulator. Euro Truck Simulator. Connects to authentication server, but internet connection is not required to activate. Free for all Rocket League owners. Use the -nointro command line argument [2]. Added in the 1. Added in 1. You can listen to live radio from whichever country you're in, and I have fond memories of screaming down a rain-soaked autobahn listening to Fleetwood Mac on a German classic rock station.

It's so relaxing, in fact, that it's become an unexpected form of meditation for me.

If I'm stressed out or feeling overworked I'll go and drive down the M4 for half an hour in a big fucking truck. It clears my mind, and eventually the only thing I'm worried about is where the next service station is, because I'm low on petrol, or if I'm going to get these bags of sand to Rotterdam in time. But then it catches you off guard.

SCS Software

Your GPS sends you down some narrow, twisting country road in the middle of nowhere. It's the dead of night and you've got 20 tons of explosives resting precariously on your trailer. Then your headlights blink off because you battered into wall earlier and damaged your engine.

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Now you have to guide your lump of a truck down this nightmare backroad with instinct alone. But then, mercifully, the lights flicker back to life. Between all the lengthy, uneventful drives down bleak motorways, there are these rare, but unforgettable, little moments of heart-in-mouth excitement. It helps, of course, that it's a solid, well-designed game.

The driving model is weighty and satisfying, and the simulation elements — traffic, weather, physics, sound effects — are all detailed and realistic. A lot of sims are a bit creaky and low-rent, but this boasts proper production values and surprisingly beautiful visuals. Well, as beautiful as a stretch of concrete and asphalt can be. The rain in particular looks amazing, with droplets that streak across the window as you speed up.

If authentic drizzle is your thing, this is the game for you. It nicely captures the feel of each of its featured countries, although there's some weirdness, like incongruous sunflower fields lining Glaswegian A roads. If this wasn't thrilling enough, the game also has support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

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View all reviews. Professional Review David Wright. Graphics: 5 When you download the game, you will appreciate perfect graphics with picturesque roads and other traffic participants. Gameplay: 4 First, you are supposed to choose country of departure and start your journey. Controls: 5 Control keys can be reassigned in the menu of the game.

Replay Value: 3 You cannot count on heavy replay value here. The Bottom Line This game is amazing with perfect design and simple controls. Conclusion Download Euro Truck Simulator for starting on a virtual tour around Europe passing the cities and forests, listening to music and following the road traffic regulations! Pros : Realistic and nice graphics; Updates support. Cons : Rare software bugs; Repeated scenery that can be boring. Graphics 5. Average : 4. Review Rules. These make every review complete and honest. If you found mistakes or inaccuracies in our Euro Truck Simulator review - write us right now!

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