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How to Erase Internet Files Permanently From a Mac

The ability to delete specific items and history from Safari History is fairly easy, and is largely version agnostic, so as long as the Mac is vaguely new and running anything other than an ultra antiquated version of software, the version of Safari and Mac OS or Mac OS X should support specific history removal. Do note deleting an item from Safari history on the Mac is permanent, at least until that site s or webpage s have either been visited again, or unless a backup of the Mac has been restored to the computer.

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You can not undo removal of Safari history items. You can selectively remove any item found within Safari history on a Mac by following these instructions:. This tip is particularly useful when combined with the Safari History Search feature, since you can find specific keywords, terms, webpages, websites, and topics within History if you want to selectively delete the history within the browser for any found occurrences.

How to Automatically Delete Browsing History and Cookies within Google Chrome

If you find yourself frequently wanting to delete specific Safari history items, you may be better off preemptively using Private Browsing mode in Safari for Mac , which does not leave any browser history when active. While removing local history will remove traces of a website visit from a particular computer and perhaps hide the visit from yourself or another person, that local data removal has no impact on the various remote servers or the underlying infrastructure used to access websites or the internet in the first place, which separately will track all internet data like website visits and browsing sessions and they may sell that data too.

As usual, iOS users are not left out either, as you can delete specific history items from Safari on iPhone and iPad too using a similar method. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Is there any way to clear history on every quit; like in Firefox? Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. The closes is to set to clear history after 1 day.

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Barry Hemphill Barry Hemphill. Peripherals Speciality level out of ten: I even looked in Cocktail, but there was no GUI there that would do what you wish. Best method. You don't need to "clear" what is never created. I noticed that Private Browsing goes off on every quit. Is there a way to keep it on permanently? Perhaps that'll meet your needs?. I haven't tested thoroughly I will check to see if it is cleared tomorrow.

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Thanks again, shivsensarma. The erase free space option writes over the data several times with numbers, essentially using blank data to make it impossible to recover your information. Set the slider to "Fastest" to perform a quick erase of all your files.

How to Delete Specific Safari History on Mac

Set the slider to "Most Secure" to overwrite your hard drive seven times. Or, choose the middle point on the slider to get a good compromise between a fast erase and the most secure option. The higher value you choose, the more times the free space on your hard drive gets overwritten by "blank" data. If you have an SSD drive in your Mac computer, you don't need to and can't overwrite the free space on your computer.

The option to erase free space appears grayed out on SSD drives. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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Tip If you have an SSD drive in your Mac computer, you don't need to and can't overwrite the free space on your computer. Tips The Fastest option on the Disk Utility slider writes over the hard disk using zeros and does only one pass. The middle 3-pass secure erase option writes over your data three times. It provides more security than the Fastest option but takes three times as long to complete.

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