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Instalar Warcraft 3 HD Remasterizado 2017 en Mac

Hi I dont know how to delete my previous post so I add 1 more. I was able to recover my file thanks to your guideline. Thanks so muchh. Thank so muchhh.

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Yes, I decided to quickly fix it before going to work. It didn't go so quick so I had to bike double time to make it in before am. I have to work a summer job for my degree, this is going to be my last week. EXecuse me but i have bought the game and after installing both reign of chaos and the frozrn throne and when opening the game it says please insert the disk and try again or something like taht please i need help.

Well, did you insert the disc? I've got my disks and CD keys but I keep getting messages saying "microsoft windows applications are not support on os x" or "PowerPC applications are no longer supported". The error message says it right: PowerPC applications are no longer supported by apple. Put away your ancient disc and download the latest installer from battle. I just updated the step by step guide as Blizzard changed some menu item names again. I've tried finding some but they are usually virus infected. If you could help me out with that I would be very grateful!

CD keys are a short string of letters and numbers. It is not at all likely that one could be infected with any kind of virus. Don't download files like keygen. Alright, Well I tried using one and it says it is disabled. How can one enter a new key in place of the other one? I never understood why people follow up a question with: "I found a better solution.

Thanks though. I am done with installing the game,however, when i launch the game it says : Please make sure your Warcraft 3 disc is in your CD-ROM drive, then click on 'Retry'; which I already did. The disc is in the drive, but I can still not launch the game. Also i know nothing about computers lol i dont mean to come off as such an idiot but i dont.

You have legal cd keys? Go ahead and download the legal installer from Blizzard's Battle. It comes with the latest patch and it doesn't ask for your cd anymore.

How to Install & Play Warcraft 3 on Mac (macOS Sierra, OS X El Capitan, etc)

The instructions are in the blog post above, the download will be 1. Hey, nostalgia has seen me back to Warcraft 3 and I knew your work from my past experiences with the game and its editor. As a fellow programmer, I think it would be fun to learn JASS and seeing as Warcraft 3's multiplayer is relatively vacant I would imagine you weren't receiving much assistance, if any. If anything pops up and you want to gather a small team let me know.

Also, what's your ID on W3, email if it's private, don't if you hate me. Help came passively, in the form of archived threads on wc3c, thw, and other sites in Google's index. If I had a question that hasn't been asked before, I had to figure it out alone. I ceased work on all my projects for now.

I have a lot of todo lists, one for each map, but no motiation to do them now for the dwindling playerbase that is left. Thank you : My domain name, 3ice. One of you connects to US East. The other connects to US West. Or any other setup. Why does this work? Because luckily, the same cd key can be used four times at once, on the four realms. Once on each realm. Then all you need to do is find a hostbot that hosts its games on both those realms and join the same game on your separate realms.

My hostbots are on all 4 realms. Hey dude. Before I do all this, can you tell me if I need my cd? I can't use any of them because my pc doesn't have a driver. I need to know plz. Kostas: You don't need your CD. I was able to install and update Warcraft 3 without any problems. And I can play it still. Yes, Warcraft 3 installed on an SSD is lightning fast! Try and fail to add the keys to your Battle. They'll happily ban your current set of keys and give you a new pair or two, free of charge.

You'll just need proof of purchase. I still have my receipt for this reason, after 10 years!

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The ink has all but faded though…. Edited by 3ICE: kb61, is it possible that you yourself claimed the keys already to a different battle. Reclaim those accounts then. Look through your email for "Battle. I have warcraft 3 cd key but i do not wish to play whit the cd, because i want the english version and not the french version i have.

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So i want to know if it possible to turn my french version to an english one. Back up all your replays, maps, and other files you have in your Warcraft folder that you want to keep. Likely will be French FR for you Pick any language you want. English is allowed for all variants, some other language changes are limited.

Warcraft Patch | Warcraft 3 TFT v Patch Download & Changelogs | Dota-Utilities

Can't change it to Russian if your CD key is for a French version for example. But English will be there. In the past you had to do much more.

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Just wanted to say thanks for putting these instructions up here. It was nice to be able to download TFT directly from Blizzard instead of having to find a torrent especially with the whole 'rat bay' issue going on right now. I'd rather not have to resort to a torrent to get the installs for a game I already legally own.

Where can I find the actual game? Your torrent link just brings me to a google search. Maybe I am doing something wrong…? Most MAC downloads are still on their servers, they just hid the links, for now.

Files for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

I am disappointed in Blizzard. Hi, so this method works if I only have my cd keys, but no actual disc correct? If it does, thanks so much! I lost one of my cds, but still have the keys. At this point it is safe to say that you are entitled to take the illegal path. Try torrenting a non-cracked version and then entering your cd key. Alternatively, use a second computer that has a drive to create a war3 pendrive. Copy all files from both CDs to the pendrive, then use that to install. I just started playing warcraft three I can get onto the single player Version but every time I click on battle.

The CD key provided is currently disabled. But how do I fix this? You can't realistically expect random CD keys posted online to work long term. Blizzard is quick to ban all of them. I already paid 10 dollars for it by credit card. From the battle. I spent hours trying to find out where the CD Key was. It was not on the website where I purchase the game it was not in my battle.

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The illegal key you tried using likely got banned. Follow my previous link for an explanation if you are interested. It is no longer possible to request a new key. It's been years since we could claim you've lost it or something. We last talked back in comment I assume you are the same Anthony, even though since then you've switched internet providers from exetel.