Cant click and drag files mac


Does anyone if this is an issue or if there is anyway that I can solve this? Download folder! I usually download images by simply clicking and drag and drop at download folder or any folder but now that doesn't work anymore. Like, WHY?

You can no longer drag files from download bar to finder window without losing window focus, very frustrating. You have to hover over it until it actually opens.

Can't drag or drop my folders or files on Mac.

Baffling change. Are you talking about how when you click the browser, it immediately goes to front over the finder box? Once again, it tries to drag for a while and then says that it failed. I am using High Sierra If I try to use this feature 10 times.

Nine out of 10 it won't work. It has always been the same for me.

Can’t Drag and Drop in OS X Lion?

That's why I just use copy and paste. I see it's a common problem.

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The problem is that you can't always use Copy and Paste: you can do that if you just need to move files, but certain apps like the one I'm talking about, where I convert video files to MP3 work only with drag and drop. Is there really no way to fix this? It's such a pity! Select Enable Dragging.

Drag & Drop Not Working in Mac OS X? Simple Troubleshooting Tips

Is it column, list or icon view? To change the way they are arranged go into icon view mode.

How to enable drag and drop on MacOS sierra

Then go into the folder you want to arrange. Then select the way you want then to be arranged and select if you want it system wide or not. Then go back to your desired view mode. Satcomer said:. Natobasso Tech-Bot Natobasso said:. Is your user account an Admin account?

Can you create a new folder on your desktop? I remember a problem like this with I doubt the fix for that OS version would apply here. What does it say about the access privileges? What are the access privileges? Are you comfortable with the Terminal. You could check the permissions for those items from there as well might be more informative.

Install anything new? Play with ACLs sandbox fiddling?

I don't know how many X11, unix type, command line Could be an OS X system issue. This article for system Ya know I've heard good things about Dragster 1. Does anyone know where I can find a working copy of it? Who knows

How to Use Three-Finger Drag Across macOS