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More NXT Watch list changes. ROPS debug support change. Added status messages for compiler download problems. Added additional keyboard support to Joystick tool. HTML help is now the default and in order to use Win32 help a manual registry edit is required. Automatic firmware version option is now on by default, as is NXT 2. Automatic firmware version option also now checks enhanced vs standard firmware.

Code listing window has goto-line and status bar. Added ability to edit the editor expert and the grep search shortcuts. Allow long lines in the code listing window up to characters. Read the full changelog. Bricx Command Center was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila. Already have an account?

Bricx Command Center

Sign in here. Recommended Posts. Posted November 5, Hi guys, a colleague of mine asked me about how to run Brixcc or something like it on Mac without Wine or an other virtual Windows solution?! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

BricxCC NXC debugging

Posted November 5, edited. Edited November 5, by DLuders. Posted November 6, edited. Perhaps 'crossover' can run it, there is paid version or a trail version but it is much better than 'wine' Edited November 6, by SNIPE. Using infrared communication, the RCX can: Download programs from your computer to the RCX via the infrared transmitter Picture 4. Transmitters work on both Mac and Windows platforms. It is available in two cable versions: It communicates with the RCX brick using infrared light, just like a television remote control.

Temperature sensor Picture 6. Graph the change in temperature when the ice cube is placed in a glass of tap water.

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Turn on a lamp or an alarm when the temperature reaches a preset level. Touch sensor Picture 7. Determine when a LEGO Mindstorms robot has run into something - then make the robot turn or back up to get around the object. Light sensor Picture 8. The RCX scales this to a percent measure.

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Set up a speed trap for a LEGO vehicle to determine its speed as it breaks two light beams. Rotation sensor Picture 9. Resolution is RPM Max. Control how far the door on a bird feeder would have to open to provide different amounts of bird feed at different times of a day. The LEGO Camera Picture 10 and editing software is an ideal extension tool for introducing and enhancing project management. Gears are located inside the motor instead of externally.

This allows for applications demanding high torque at lower speeds and with little loss to friction. Micromotor Picture Smaller motor for light duty motion Picture The LEGO lamp Picture 13 is built into a small two-stud brick and integrates nicely into various inventions.

Alternative firmware pbForth is incarnation of Forth. This is the reason why some of the references have legOS name in them. It was originally developed on Linux, but should run on most Unices as well as Windows. The brickOS distribution provides the sources for the operating system, the demo programs and the utilities.

You will also need a Hitachi H8 cross compiler assembler and linker basic tool chain. Instructions that will help you to obtain and configure these tools can be found at brickOS homepage and also on this document. It consists of two parts: A DLL cygwin1.

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A collection of tools, which provide Linux look and feel. Cygwin is not a way to run native Linux apps on Windows. You have to rebuild your application from source if you want it to run on Windows. Version 3. It allows for communication between legOS-powered robots and host computers. I installed both of them to my computer since I had some trouble getting some of the files compiled with BricxCC. If you are going to also do this I recommend that you will do the Cygwin installation first.

You should also pay close attention to where you are going to install files as in place Cygwin and brickOS into different directories by the instructions given here. So just follow these instructions and you should be fine. Download these files: BricxCC 3.

Follow the setup wizard instructions. Choose the default installation. Please try to download it again or using a download manager utility of some sort. Using BricxCC is pretty simple.

Program Details

When you start the BricxCC you choose the port where your infrared tower is connected and then you choose the firmware and RCX as the brick you are using. From here it is easy to choose the programs you want to edit and compile. In case you have difficulties compiling programs you might want to try and put them into the demo directory.

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It might help. Picture This is the most important step. Click the View button until you have this form in the list box. Select four packages from the list: C compiler gcc: If you get errors while trying to run the compiler later, try to unzip it other way than you did before: Launch Cygwin and type the next command lines: You can now copy a program into the prog folder and compile it: Next go to util folder where the files that are used to transfer data are located: Copy your C program file on the next directory: Erasing the current firmware is a pretty simple to do.

After you have erased the firmware you can install another one. With Cygwin: From the menu choose Tools and Download Firmware. The brickOS firmware should be located in the Cygwin folder right about here: