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The preset sounds can be overwritten or modified, but you can also save your own sounds or banks of sounds according to the method employed by your particular sequencer software. In any event, the current control status is saved when you save the song, so even if you've edited a patch, the song will still load with your version of the sound, not the original preset. Conventional save operations are supported by the Write, Confirm and Compare buttons.

A Setup page allows parameters relating to the mod wheel, bend wheel, aftertouch, and breath control to be set up, some on a per-patch basis and others globally. The import and export routines for moving sounds between software and hardware BassStations are also found here.

The manual does a good job of whisking you through the essentials in the minimum of space, but there's also a PDF manual on the install disk that goes into much more depth as well as offering a practical grounding in the principles of analogue synthesis. It's easy to create or edit sounds on BassStation, and it generates the type of bass sounds normally associated with the likes of Roland TBs and Junos or certain ARP and Moog instruments.

Certainly it gets very close to the sound of the analogue BassStation and the digital filter design works very well, even when set near self-resonance, which is where many digital implementations start to sound fake.

The level peaks that are generated near resonance can be pretty high though, so you either need to set the channel fader setting in your sequencer mixer carefully to prevent peaking, or place a limiter plug-in after BassStation. Both punchy and drone-like sounds can be achieved with ease, and though I wouldn't go so far as to say the sounds are exactly like any of the commercial analogue models mentioned earlier, you can get very close to these and other classic sounds with relatively little effort.

I also found the control automation to work fine within Logic Audio, which isn't always the case with other plug-ins from third-party companies. If you like the sound of the analogue BassStation but prefer working within a virtual environment, then BassStation is the ideal solution, covering just about every genre of analogue bass sound on offer, as well as being pretty good at basic analogue lead synth sounds. The only users who lose out are Mac OS 9 diehards, but now that most serious software is stable under OS X, perhaps this would be a good time to make the change?

There's little not to like about BassStation, as all its features are straightforward and to the point. In all, this is a nicely executed product that delivers the goods without unnecessary complexity or frills.

NOW COMPATIBLE WITH THE NEW OS 2.5 – 5 new functions

Plug-ins Synthesizers. Pros Accurate emulation of analogue BassStation. Simple control interface.

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  6. Good range of analogue bass sounds. Summary A stable, fine-sounding software emulation of the hardware BassStation.

    Novation Bass Station 2 Editor for Windows and MAC

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