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Their live shows attempt to recreate the look, feel, and sound of Pink Floyd's later world tours, [1] employing visual aids such as lasers, inflatables and a large display panel similar to Mr Screen.

Steve Mac - guitar

The Australian Pink Floyd Show play venues worldwide. The band is noted for replicating the nuances of Pink Floyd's work. The show includes a round screen with intelligent lights arranged around its perimeter. During a concert, movies and animations are displayed on-screen, complementing the band's light show. Inflatables such as the pig used by Pink Floyd during the Division Bell Tour, and Skippy — the band's own giant pink kangaroo and named after the Australian TV series Skippy The Bush Kangaroo are frequently employed in the band's shows. The current line up consists of:.

Professional attitude expected. Their first live show was performed to a select group of family and friends. The band settled on the name "Think Floyd", and thereafter played a number of venues around Adelaide until the lack of a regular audience saw them drift apart. By , when Mac and Smith refocused efforts to bring Think Floyd to a larger audience, Turton had left the band.

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During the period of rehearsals, Mac visited family in the UK where he met with Glenn Povey, publisher of the most popular Pink Floyd fanzine of that time, 'Brain Damage'. During the meeting it was decided that Think Floyd should headline Povey's planned Pink Floyd fan convention to be held at Wembley in August The purpose of Think Floyd's East coast tour became one of raising funds for the band's trip to the UK. At the end of the East coast tour Whiteley left the band, and was replaced by bassist and vocalist Colin Wilson.

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Such was the enthusiastic reception of TAPFS that Povey took responsibility for booking the band numerous shows in the UK throughout the remainder of Despite the immense success and growing popularity of TAPFS, its founding member Lee Smith left the band towards the end of that year and returned to Australia citing homesickness. In , the band appeared on Irish national television, performing " Young Lust " on the chat show Kenny Live. In , the band played Glastonbury , performing on the acoustic stage.

The performance was recorded and released as a DVD the same year. This was released as a two-DVD set with the full concert on disc one and bonuses on disc two. All of your internal company uses for 1-year, including presentations, videos, brochures, newsletters, training materials and intranet.

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Thanks for signing up! Sorry, there seem to be some issues. Please try again later. The band is still headed by founder-members Jason Sawford on keyboards and guitarist Steve Mac.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show - Everything Under The Sun

Picture: Georgina Lanfranchi. And Sawford does have a favourite song amongst the great body of work. Leeds United. Leeds Rhinos.